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ARGB LED Flexible Light Strip 24PIN Motherboard Aura Sync DIY

ARGB LED Flexible Light Strip 24PIN Motherboard Aura Sync DIY

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The ARGB LED Flexible Light Strip 24PIN Motherboard Aura Sync DIY is a versatile and customizable lighting solution designed for PC enthusiasts looking to enhance their setups with vibrant, synchronized lighting effects. Here are the key features and benefits of this product:

Key Features:

  1. ARGB Lighting:

    • ARGB (Addressable RGB) LEDs offer a wide range of colors and effects, allowing for individual LED customization.
    • Provides dynamic lighting effects such as breathing, fading, flashing, and more.
  2. Aura Sync Compatibility:

    • Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, allowing for seamless integration with other Aura Sync-enabled components.
    • Ensures synchronized lighting effects across multiple components, including motherboards, graphics cards, and peripherals.
  3. 24-Pin Motherboard Connector:

    • Designed to attach directly to the 24-pin motherboard connector, providing an easy and stable power source.
    • Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for additional power connectors.
  4. Flexible Design:

    • Made from flexible materials that can bend and conform to various shapes and surfaces.
    • Ideal for creative lighting placements around the motherboard, case, and other PC components.
  5. Easy Installation:

    • Equipped with adhesive backing or mounting clips for secure attachment to various surfaces within the PC case.
    • Plug-and-play design allows for quick and hassle-free setup.
  6. DIY Customization:

    • Allows users to create personalized lighting schemes to match their unique style and preferences.
    • Suitable for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy building and customizing their own PC setups.


  1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal:

    • Adds a visually striking element to PC builds, making them stand out with vibrant and dynamic lighting.
    • Perfect for showcasing high-end components and creating a visually cohesive setup.
  2. Synchronization with Other Components:

    • Aura Sync compatibility ensures all connected components display synchronized lighting effects, creating a harmonious visual experience.
    • Enhances the overall aesthetic of the PC, especially in transparent or open-frame cases.
  3. Increased Customization:

    • ARGB technology allows for extensive customization, enabling users to tailor the lighting to their exact preferences.
    • Supports creative lighting configurations and effects that can be easily adjusted through compatible software.
  4. Improved Visibility:

    • Provides additional illumination inside the PC case, making it easier to see and identify components.
    • Helps in maintaining and upgrading the system by improving visibility in low-light conditions.
  5. Easy and Secure Installation:

    • Simple installation process with reliable attachment methods ensures the light strip stays securely in place.
    • No need for complex wiring or additional power sources, reducing cable clutter and simplifying the setup.

Use Cases:

  • PC Modding and Custom Builds: Ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their PC builds with unique lighting schemes and effects.
  • Showcase Builds: Perfect for creating visually impressive showcase builds for gaming events, competitions, or personal display.
  • Themed Setups: Enables users to create themed lighting setups that match their gaming preferences, favorite colors, or brand aesthetics.
  • Improved Case Lighting: Enhances the internal visibility of the PC case, making it easier to manage cables and maintain components.

Installation Tips:

  1. Planning: Before installation, plan the placement of the light strip to ensure optimal coverage and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Clean Surface: Clean the surface where the strip will be attached to ensure strong adhesion if using the adhesive backing.
  3. Secure Connections: Ensure the light strip is securely connected to the 24-pin motherboard connector and any necessary headers.
  4. Software Setup: Use the ASUS Aura Sync software to customize and synchronize the lighting effects according to your preferences.

Overall, the ARGB LED Flexible Light Strip 24PIN Motherboard Aura Sync DIY is a powerful tool for PC builders looking to enhance their systems with customizable and synchronized lighting, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits.

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